What makes a Group Smarter ?

It’s said that group of women are smarter than groups of men. Or someone would say that getting all the smart people under one roof .
If all smart people comes together at one forum and it’s seen that everyone is talking ,gives idea and no-one is listening .Individual intelligence can become barrier . So this condition may not suit in a real life situations. I think that group intelligence is totally different than individual intelligence .Don’t you think so ?

In today's era , there is trend of having whatsupp group . In-fact we are part of many whatsupp group . Group of school friends, college friends .
I observed that a group of school boys or college boys aren't able to make vibrant group . Initially there is a lot of sharing or activities happen within short span of time but then momentum comes down slowly with pass of each day .We can say that group intelligence tends to decrease.

Whereas, a group of friends , comprises both gender are seen active for longer periods .In this group , both gender friends respond , participate and there is a involvement by each member .This means that group intelligence tends to be higher if there is a gender diversity and more women in a group .

But then question arises ? More women in a group , it's better .
This is also not true . Extreme gender diversity is also not helpful for group intelligence .
There is a need of balance . If we can strive or replicate same philosophy at organisational level , i think , we can achieve higher group intelligence , cohesiveness and involvement .
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